SRCF strikes deal with Cannalogix Foundation for Consolidation.

SALEM OREGON¬† – November 8, 2017 ~ Stormy Ray Cardholders’ Foundation completed a series of filings to confirm the consolidation of Cannalogix Foundation back into it’s operations. Since early 2017 it appeared that Cannalogix Foundation was going to dissolve without some form of intervention. Cannalogix, once known for providing research, development, and customized preparations for the most vulnerable patients in Oregon [low income], had suffered massive damage as a large exodus of cultivators migrated into the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) framework – leaving patients, and Cannalogix Foundation by the wayside.


Earlier this year it appeared that Cannalogix Foundation would consolidate with the Compassion Center, a 501(c)3 public charity medical clinic in Eugene Oregon, once listed on the Best Non-Profits in Oregon list also known for serving patients for almost 2 decades, but the timing was a bit too late and Compassion Center ceased operations and ultimately closed it’s doors.¬† Without options, Cannalogix Foundation Board of Directors elected to allow the administrative dissolution to occur and the Board of Directors started to determine the distribution of assets.


That’s when J.B. Creel, Co-Founder of Cannalogix Foundation contacted the Stormy Ray Cardholders’ Foundation (another non-profit that he served on the Board) about the transfer of Cannalogix assets. Stormy Ray was appreciative of the generous offer, but engaged a larger conversation about how the two organizations could join forces to empower one another in taking back the patient’s rights that are being taken away in the name of profits, and continue our research and development since it has given a new quality of life to so many patients already.


In October of 2017, the Board of Directors of both Organizations converged to negotiate a consolidation and re-structuring of both organizations to continue their joint-missions. On October 16, 2017, Cannalogix Foundation voted to become part of the SRCF, and on October 30, 2017, the Stormy Ray Cardholders’ Foundation voted to consolidate Cannalogix Foundation into it’s operations. On October 31, 2017, Cannalogix Foundation was brought back from the dead and patients in Oregon and beyond will soon have access to the Cannalogix Foundation co-developed technology through clinical and in-patient models.


Stay tuned for upcoming developments, the patients still matter, and they always will.

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