Welcome, on this page you will find information regarding the distribution of funds collected in fundraising activities. The foundation is mandated through bylaws and supporting resolutions to distribute the funds received as outlined below. For further information regarding the foundation’s management of funds, please visit the Internal Revenue Service at¬†https://www.irs.gov/charities-non-profits or the Oregon Department of Justice at https://justice.oregon.gov/charities¬†for more information.


General Donations are distributed as follows:

3% Financial, Legal, and Regulatory Compliance.

10% Advertising, Marketing, and Fundraising Expenses.

15% Community, Medical and Professional Education.

20% Salaries, Benefits, Overhead, and Operating Expenses.

20% Community Outreach, Patient Advocacy and Veteran’s Programs.

32% Research, Development, Clinical, and In-Patient Programs.



Earmarked Donations are distributed as follows:

3% Financial, Legal, and Regulatory Compliance.

10% Salaries, Benefits, Overhead, and Operating Expenses.

87% Into the Community or Research Program in which it was earmarked.



Disaster Relief for the U.S.V.I. Campaign Donations and Funds are distributed as follows:

10% Stormy Ray Cardholders’ Foundation to cover the cost of campaign administration.

90% to cover cost of campaign production, promotion, and execution with 100% of proceeds going to the beneficiaries.


NOTICE: The foundation’s third-party e-commerce, web-development, site-management and hosting provider JBCGSI charges a flat rate of 5% for any and all transactions made through their site (regardless if you are buying a t-shirt or making a donation on our behalf) including the 2.9% transaction fees. Therefore, if you are planning on donating more than a thousand ($1,000), please reach out to the foundation’s executive branch directly at: bod.sec@stormyray.org to obtain the proper bank-wire information so the foundation can put more of your money to work for the people – thank you.


All campaigns and fundraisers are registered with the appropriate jurisdictions and subject to audit by government agencies as well as the Compliance and Legal Committee per the foundation bylaws, for further questions regarding fund distribution, please contact bod.sec@stormyray.org for more information. Thank you for your donation, without you, there would be no us.

Thank you again, we look forward to working with you in fostering a happier, healthier humanity.