Stormy Ray Cardholders’ Foundation

Board of Directors


Chairwoman of the Board – Stormy Ray, Chief Executive Officer

Stormy Ray, Chairwoman and Chief Executive Officer of the Stormy Ray Cardholders’ Foundation. Stormy Ray is the original co-chief petitioner of Measure 67 in 1998 which created the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act (OMMA), which later became the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program. Stormy Ray has served those with disabilities and medical cannabis patients for over 20 years and continues today through advocacy, outreach, education, and political activism.  Stormy Ray has been vehemently active with veterans, disabled, and medical cannabis patient advocacy for citizens suffering some of the harshest forms of discrimination, manipulation, isolation, and defamation and continues today to be a voice for those people when others would rather turn a blind eye and go about their business. Stormy Ray still manages the Stormy Ray Cardholders’ Foundation, and many days you can catch her answering the patient hotline.




Past Committees, Councils, and Boards served –

Oregon Health Authority – Advisory Committee for Medical Marijuana

Oregon State Vocational Rehabilitation Advisory Council

Federal Disabilities Determination Advisory Board

Eastern Oregon Center for Independent Living – Board of Directors


Awards –

Sylvia Wenke Appreciation Award – Disability Advocacy



President – Jerry Wade

Jerry Wade is a has been a staunch advocate for medical cannabis and Veteran’s access for decades. A Retired U.S. Army Veteran, with a degree in Public Relations, Jerry has served as the Secretary for the Stormy Ray Cardholders’ Foundation for almost it’s entire existence. Jerry is well known for his role as a patient and Veterans advocate, he has changed the lives of Oregonians in some of the most monumental ways, in 2005, Jerry Wade was instrumental in the passage of SB-1085.   Senate Bill 1085 (2005) is a bill that fundamentally changed the Oregon Medical Marijuana Laws increasing patients’ possession limits to 24 ounces, what this did was allow patients to maintain enough medicine to go harvest to harvest when growing outdoors – eliminating shortages, eliminating suffering.


Not only did they get the bill passed, they got it passed with the support of every law enforcement agency in the state. The Stormy Ray Cardholders’ Foundation is proud to have Jerry Wade at the helm as President as we revive our legislative action branch.


Executive Vice President – J.B. Creel, Director of Research and Development

Executive Director, Cannalogix Foundation Research Institute and Cannalogix – R&D Incubator

J.B. Creel, Co-Founder of the Cannalogix Foundation has been on the Board of Directors for the Stormy Ray Cardholders’ Foundation for over a decade. With a passion for improving patient’s quality of life, J.B. has been instrumental in the incorporation of science and extraction safety in foundation research programs as well as contributing to extraction process development and product formulations that later led to compounding standardization protocols that promote patient wellness systematically. What started as research intern positions originally commencing to help his own terminally ill mother battle her illness became a research and development program. The Cannalogix Foundation has developed rapid deployment protocols to systematically implement standards and environmental operational procedures on cultivators and patient sites in regards to electrical, environmental, and potential contaminants. These safety and standardization protocols govern manufacturing procedures for co-developers and licensed cultivators and processors today. J.B.’s research started into; processing and storage, post harvest processing, extraction, concentration, distillation, isolation and naturally developed into far more creating and furthering the foundation’s phyto-pharmacological research and development endeavors.  With a wide background ranging from law enforcement / defense communications and data systems to security, surveillance, automation, electrical/structural engineering and construction, J.B. brings an eye for detail, an out of the box intellect, and the determination to never to give up on the patients and their ever-changing needs in research and the advancement of phyto-cannabinoid science.



Secretary – Katie Monstad, Director of Human Resources and Records Management

Katie Monstad, Executive Vice President of Human Resources brings 8 years of administrative and human resources executive management experience to the foundation and currently oversees Executive Management, Meetings and Records Management, as well as Human Resources for the Foundation and all of its various divisions, committees, programs, and campaigns. Prior to Administrative and Human Resources Management, Katie was a specialized Maxillofacial Surgical Technician that spent her career aiding in the re-construction of victims that suffered trauma to their face such as automotive accidents and gun-shot victims. Her medical and administrative backgrounds shall prove beneficial in the upcoming clinical and in-patient business models. Katie is meticulously organized and capable of fine tuning the executive management and operational protocol for the foundation and we are blessed to have her on board.


Treasurer – Barry Gainsburg, Esq, Chief Compliance Officer

Barry Gainsburg, attorney, advocate, securities compliance professional, and political activist is a well known Cannabis Industry Attorney with a career in Securities and Compliance that spanned decades. Barry has been the Attorney for the Cannalogix Foundation since 2015 and has been instrumental in our research and studies expansion. Barry is registered with both New York and Florida Bar Associations, has served for multiple publicly listed companies and continues to practice law in Florida at Barry Gainsburg P.A. and provides consultation services in regards to the Cannabis Licensing Authority in Jamaica through Jah – Ganja – Reggae – a consulting firm. The foundation is blessed to have such a widely specialized attorney guiding the foundation through expansion.



Executive Vice President – Kerri Accardi, Director of Media and Public Relations

Executive Director of the Disaster Relief for the U.S.V.I. campaign

Kerri Accardi, Executive Vice President and Director of Media and Public Relations is a filmmaker, producer, and director best known for her advocacy and creativity through compelling and impressionable film making, content, and advocacy film work. Kerri has been a blessing to Patient Outreach, Disability Awareness, Patient Advocacy, and the Cannabis Movement in general. Her eye for detail and ability to cut through the b-roll of day to day chatter makes her the perfect addition to our team of Legislative and Congressional Patients’ Rights Watchdogs. Kerri’s unparalleled ability to tell a story with just a few words will prove invaluable in the movement to preserve Medical Cannabis in the wake of Commercialization as the foundation gears up it’s expansion model.  Kerri Accardi is passionate, devoted, and steadfast when it comes to defending the cannabis plant and the Stormy Ray Cardholders’ Foundation is proud to have her on our Board of Directors.


The Bylaws of the Stormy Ray Cardholders’ Foundation mandate that a majority of the Board of Directors is to be comprised of medical cannabis patients or caregivers. For more information on the Board of Directors please contact thank you for visiting.